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    Over the last few decade consumers have been driven to make more educated decisions when they spend their hard earned dollars. VALUE BEING THE KEY FACTOR. Consistant value is what we offer. Which has made us the oldest manufacture in all of Canada. Since the beginning of 1992 we have offered a high end product. The reason for our success is that we are using the same standard today.

    Our stone is one of the most realistic looking products on the market today. We achieve this by not taking short cuts in the manufacturing process. 

    The base color in our stone is throughout. This aids in less obvious scuff marks and when the pieces are cut it does not show white or off color. On the face of our stone we use a different process than others leaving crisp colors on our ledge stones. These colors will not rub off from touching like others and can withstand our Canadian climate.

    Most of our product lines are thicker than the competition... giving a more dimensional look. This yields more shadow lines on even the dullest days and an excellent look with today's lighting techniques used to accent buildings.

    Country Stone's product strenght has been tested to be one of the highest in the industry, due to our greater cement to aggregate ratio. This means considerable less amount of breakage on arrival and a much more durable product on the wall for you the consumer.

    We have great confidence in our product and when you compare, we're sure you will too. Besides, buying Canadian products is good for us all.