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    Q.  I have heard of long waits for product when people needed just a little extra or jobs that had "add ons'?

    A.  We at "Country Stone MFG" always have an excellent stock on hand.  Also, due to our size, large add ons can be filled very quickly.


    Q.  Are Country Stone products fireproof, can they be used on fireplace facings or the wall behind a stove?

    A.  Yes, Country Stone products have zero flame spread.  Tested by Canadian engineers Country Stone has passed the CAN / ULC - 5144, this is very important as some products do not have such a rating, especially the polyurethane products.   Always refer to the local building codes, and fireplace or stove manufacturers instructions.


    Q.  Can Country Stone products be cut?

    A.  Yes, Country Stone products are easily cut and trimmed using a masonry blade with a circular or masonry saw.


    Q.  How are Country Stone products packaged?

    A.  Because you are buying factory direct we will customize your order to what you need, so there are no dollars wasted on unused product.


    Q.  Does the colour go all the way through?

    A.  The base colour is blended throughout and because we use a darker coloured aggregate you don't end up with all the white (popcorn white) showing at the cut stones like others.


    Q.  Is any maintenance required?

    A.  Country Stone products are virtually maintenance free, only occasional washing to remove surface dust and dirt.


    Q.  Are there any installations that I may visit?

    A.  Country Stone has a list of projects in and around the Edmonton area that can be viewed.


    Q.  What is the weight of Country Stone's product?

    A.  Approximately 8-12 lbs per square foot.


    Q.  Can Country Stone products be used interior and exterior?

    A.  Yes, Country Stone products are suitable for both interior and exterior.


    Q.  What kind of surface is necessary to install Country Stone products?

    A.  Country Stone can be installed over any structurally sound surface, example wood, masonry, wallboard, etc.  See our installation instructions for details.


    Q.  How are Country Stone products adhered to surfaces?

    A.  Country Stone products are installed using type S masonry cement mortar mix.  See our installation instructions for details.


    Q.  Have you done any testing from licenced Canadian engineers, as our climate is quite different than United States?

    A.  Yes Country Stone has done extensive testing on our products using well established Canadian engineering firms.  Our documented test results go back as far as 1992, in fact they are ongoing to this day.  We are currently involved in setting standards for our industry with the "National Research Council of Canada".


    Q.  How thick is your stone?

    A.  Our product is very dimensional, it varys depending on product line from 1 1/2" to 3".  This uses more actual raw product to manufacture but gives a better look.  At Country Stone esthetics is everything.